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happy ever after?


happy ever after?

Elsa’s town is melting, The Little Mermaid is drowning, Belle’s into beastiality and who knows what’s going on with Snow White and those seven men. An all female and non-binary led event, ‘happy ever after?’ asks what happened to the princesses once their dreams came true.

Following a callout for the next generation of female and non-binary writers and performers, 10 pieces were picked to participate in WoLab’s second glorified scratch night, this time held at the Bunker Theatre in London Bridge.

The playwrights that took part were: Alexandra Christie, Constanza Ruff, Eva Gaynor-Smith, Francesca McCarthy, Julia Quayle, Laura Cull, Lily Shahmoon, Louise Breckon-Richards, Martha Watson Allpress, and Tanya Vital. The directors were: Lauren Lambert-Moore, Mandi Chivasa, Olivia Stone (also producer), and Yvette Farmer.

Photos: Alessa Davison Photography.