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For a Palestinian

“I mean it's in our blood, us Arabs love a good love story.”

Bilal has always been obsessed with love stories. Here he tells you his favourite: the true story of Palestinian translator Wa’el Zuaiter. Join Bilal as he ventures through the orange groves of Jaffa, Rome's piazzas, and the Duty-Free aisles of Luton Airport, piecing together this untold story, and asking what it means to be a Palestinian in the West. 

"An astonishingly powerful play with a mesmeric performance from Bilal Hasna. He is an important young Palestinian voice who deserves a wide audience."

- Palestine Solidarity Campaign

WoLab returned to Camden People’s Theatre and then visited the Bristol Old Vic Theatre, with the ‘astonishingly powerful‘ For A Palestinian. This show followed the 5-star hit RAINER, and U.K wide tour of the critically acclaimed ENG-ER-LAND. Performed by Bilal Hasna, star of upcoming Disney+ series Extraordinary, and directed by Aaron Kilercioglu. 


Supported by P21 Gallery, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Na’amod, Bristol Palestine Museum and Cultural Centre, and New Diorama Theatre.

Written by Bilal Hasna and Aaron Kilercioglu

Directed by Aaron Kilercioglu

Produced by Alistair Wilkinson

Performed by Bilal Hasna

Lighting Design by Ros Chase

PR by Chloé Nelkin Consulting

Graphic Design by Ciaran Walsh

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